Doula Services

Free consultation. A chance for us to get acquainted and explore if I am a good fit for your family’s birth. An opportunity for me to begin understanding your hopes for birth and for you to ask questions about my doula services. We’ll see how we might work together.

2 prenatal meetings. I come to your home and meet with you and your partner. We’ll explore your birth preferences, practice comfort measures, discuss fears and concerns, help you discover your own best ways of coping with labor, prepare for breastfeeding and begin planning for life with a baby.

Receive a discount code. Get $10 off the Spinning Babies® Parent Class I teach and a discount on all classes at Everyday Miracles.

Unlimited phone and email access. I am available to you for informational support, questions, and emotional support throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Continual labor support. Whether your labor lasts for 2 hours or 2+ days, I will meet you at your home or place of birth and provide continuous support. As the only part of your birth team that is with you continually, I provide emotional, mental, and physical support to both you and your partner. I’m available to make suggestions, provide comfort measures, create space for you to labor in a way that works for you, and provide information and explanations.

After your birth. Directly following your birth I will remain with your family until you feel comfortable, settled, and ready for some quiet time. During this time I am also available to help with initial breastfeeding. This usually takes 1-2 hours.

Birth notes. I’ll provide you with the birth notes from your labor so you have some of the technical details available for writing your birth story.

1-2 postpartum visits. I’ll come to your home 1-3 weeks after your birth. I’ll be there to check in about breastfeeding, touch base on your transition home, process your birth, and I’ll connect you with any resources or referrals you might need. Breastfeeding visits in addition to the two included will be an additional charge.

Fees for this service. I offer a sliding scale fee from $800-$1200. It is important to me that all families who want a doula are able to have one. Payment plans and bartering available. Please contact me anyway, even if the fee is a barrier for your family.

Lactation Services

Home visit. I’ll come to your home to provide individualized lactation services. I’ll help you troubleshoot common breastfeeding problems, provide any education and resources desired and can work with you on positioning and latch, how to know if your baby is getting enough milk, preparing for returning to work, and much more.

Fees for this service. $50 for a 2-hour visit


I teach classes with Everyday Miracles, both at their location in Minneapolis and at Regions Hospital. I also offer private classes in your home. Details here.

Spinning Babies® Parent Class. $175 for a private class in your home; $100 at Everyday Miracles or Regions Hospital; limited number of discounted spots available for clients receiving Medical Assistance.

Labor and Birth Basics 1. $25 for this basic intro class. Taught at Everyday Miracles or Regions Hospital.